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[Postponed]A formula for M&A success to accelerate business: things to k...


New Board of Directors Appointed at the Regular Employee General Meeting for ...

Held the regular employee general meeting and commemoration party for September, 2019. (New board of directors appointed) Date and Time: Wednesday, November 20, 2019 3:30pm-6:30pm Location: Keio Plaza…


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MCF members receive a 15% discount on VIP, Gold and All Exhibition Pass for MWC Shanghai.

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MCF supports its members expansion into the mobile content industry by helping them build favorable relationships with consumers and affiliated organizations.

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Press Releases and Opinions (eyecatch image)

Press Releases and Opinions

A listing of press releases and written opinions provided by MCF

Statistical Data and Guidelines (eyecatch image)

Statistical Data and Guidelines

A listing of statistical data and guidelines that have been investigated and made available by MCF

MCF facebook page (eyecatch image)

MCF facebook page

We are creating an MCF Facebook page!

Committees and Working Groups (Members Only) (eyecatch image)

Committees and Working Groups (Members Only)

The materials used in committees, sub-committees, and working groups will be listed here. (Login is required)

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About MCF

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Members List

MCF members are listed here.

Privacy Mark Certification (eyecatch image)

Privacy Mark Certification

As an institution that grants privacy mark certification, we provide all of our members with consultation on acquisition and renewal of certification....

Smartphone Privacy and Security Council (SPSC) (eyecatch image)

Smartphone Privacy and Security Council (SPSC)

Establishing and popularizing a safe and secure smartphone user environment that integrates sensitive information exchange and sharing of opinions.

Published the Smartphone Whitepaper 2016 (eyecatch image)

Published the Smartphone Whitepaper 2016

Click here to purchase Smartphone Whitepapers published by MCF. (Japanese)

The 2019 SPAJAM (Smartphone App Jam) event! (eyecatch image)

The 2019 SPAJAM (Smartphone App Jam) event!

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