Mobile Content Forum (MCF)

About MCF

Chronology and Background

April 1999
Begins activities as voluntary group forum within the Easy Internet Association (EIA)
October 1999
EIA is dissolved and MCF begins activities as independent voluntary association
April 2009
Following the dissolution of voluntary association, established as corporate association and begins activities as the Mobile Content Forum

The mission

MCF is to pursue activities with the following three key objectives:

  1. Promote a healthy mobile content industry by building good relations with consumers, other industry organizations, and society as a whole.
  2. Provide support for the creation of diverse business models that meet user needs and strengthen the mobile content industry.
  3. Support Japan’s move into the future by pioneering the development of new markets, both domestic and international.

Organizational Chart


MCF Mid- and Long-Term Vision

Basic vision

Provide services to members to address international and domestic market changes using an evolving strategy that keeps pace with globalization.

4GL Measures to Address Change

GLOBAL Connection

MCF is building its organization to help strengthen connections and cooperate with governments, industry groups overseas, and key companies, including OS providers. In particular, MCF is developing an approach optimized to support market expansion of Japan’s 1.655 trillion yen domestic mobile content-related market.

GLOBAL Devices

MCF is promoting industry engagement in the global b-to-c device market, including smart phones and tablets. In addition, MCF is also providing a new range of member services in the growing b-to-b market of companies, including manufacturers and distributors.

GLOBAL Markets

In order to expand the Japan market from domestic to international, MCF is building out its global network of industry organizations. MCF is also supporting its local member companies by forming international alliances, sponsoring regular video conferences and establishing a platform for global distribution test beds and usability tests.

GLOBAL Knowledge

MCF supports its member companies via numerous activities, including the collection and translation into Japanese of key specifications and rules and regulations required to develop applications and services for iPhone, Android and other new platforms.


Roadmap describing MCF medium-to-long term reform visions